Forward #1 

Captain Bob Rocchetta
Rainbow Charters
IGFA Record Setter, 
Accomplished Tournament Winner

    -I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived my whole life around the water.  I’ve worked on it, discovered under it, and pretty much enjoyed being on it, as many ways as humanly possible.  Somewhere along the line, probably because of nuggets of knowledge handed down to me from family and friends, and also from the writings of great saltwater anglers, I’ve been told I’m one of Long Island’s foremost fishermen.  I love being successful as a fishermen.  I also love experiencing the joy when others are successful as fishermen while fishing with me. It’s true, a beautiful sunrise or sunset, and a wonderful day on the water, all have their unique merits.  But, for most fishermen it’s the bend of the rod, the excitement of the fight, and everything else involved with getting it right that makes fishing a special time in one’s life. 
      It was from the pens of men like Ernest Hemingway, Nick Karas, and Al Ristori who wrote books and columns for famed magazines like The Saltwater Sportsman or the Long Island Fisherman that early on helped guide me on the proper path to becoming a successful fisherman.  Trust me, without the knowledge of when, where, and how to fish, you better like looking at sunrises and sunsets because that’s about all you’ll be doing.    
     Tommy Mikoleski was a young man when I first met him.  I knew right away from his curiosity, and ability to listen that he was on the right track to becoming a successful fisherman.  As the years passed by, I witnessed his progression as both captain and writer.  Through his writings I always admired his ability to explain many of the dos and don’ts about fishing.  As time continues to move on, I truly believe Tommy will become one of the more recognized writers within the world of saltwater fishing.  
     Tommy’s first book will not only help you learn and laugh, but it will also help you appreciate the man as he shares an important part of his life with us. 
     I know it’s not easy to be a good fisherman, and I’m sure it’s even harder to be a good writer.  However, Capt. Tom has proven to me time and again his ability to do both successfully, and this book is no different.

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Captain Pete Mikoleski
Miss Mac Charters

-There have been lots of books written about Striped Bass Fishing. Most of them are full of information on rods, reels, hooks, baits etc. These books might lead you down the path to glory, but none will tell you what it really takes, and how it truly feels to make that journey!
    Captain Tom’s book is full of everything you need to know in order to catch striped bass consistently: the history, the tools, the techniques, the strategies, and then… there’s more.  It’s also about one of “New York’s Finest,” who successfully transitioned from patrolling the tough neighborhoods of New York City, to his dream job, patrolling the East End waters of Long Island as one of Montauk’s Finest!

     Sit down, read this book, and when you do, grab a pen and paper in order to take some notes because you won’t be able to absorb it all the first time around. Then, each season, just before the full moon in June, I suggest you read it again.  This way all the tips revealed will be fresh in your mind, and you can’t help but be a better striper fisherman because of them.  However, as Captain Tom advises, please release a good portion of the big cows you land. This way, many striper anglers will have a chance at experiencing the joyfulness that comes from tangling with the mighty, majestic striper.

Book reviews from Anglers who have read "Bass Buff"

Tim S- "I'm done with 60-percent of Bass Buff. Very readable, and a fun read also. Informative beyond question.  I asked my local bait and tackle shop to buy a hundred."

John M- "Got mine, and it's a great read that does a good job at putting the knowledge into action."

Tom S- "Great job on the book Captain Tom."

Pat M- "I got mine quickly, already read 80%, very informative."

 Paul L- "Great book Tom. I read it twice already. I'm a dedicated troller, but I'm going to really push myself this season to practice some of the techniques that you outline so well in your book."

Joseph K-"Learned a lot of new tricks and techniques. Also Realized some of the errors I was doing, which probably hampered my success.  I am looking to apply my newly learned information very soon. Waiting to see what "Fluke Buff" has in store. See you on the water."

Mike F-"I Enjoyed the book! Well done, great read! I will also try 3-waying for spring stripers!"

Phil B-"Bass Buff is the ultimate definitive book for those who fish for striped bass.  Charter Captain Tom Mikoleski has written an easy to read highly informative book on the subject.  Nothing has been left out.  Bass Buff is both for the experienced fisherman and for those novices just starting out.  Reading this book will make you a better fisherman. The book is very reader friendly and will also serve as a reference."

Steve C- "A really great read.  Thanks for writing it and sharing your knowledge."

Book reviews from Professionals within the Fishing Industry

Angelo Peluso- Outdoors Journalist, Book Author, Fly Fisherman, Photographer and Lecturer:
"Captain Tom Mikoleski has hit a Grand Slam with his new book Bass Buff. Mikoleski leaves no stone unturned and puts all the cards on the table, revealing his extensive tricks of the trade for catching large striped bass from the waters of Long Island. His entertaining writing style is informative, educational and thought provoking.  Whether you are new to the game of striped bass fishing or a seasoned salty veteran, you will surely learn something from this book that will make you a better bass angler."

Capt. Bill Russo-F/V Orient Star:
"I thoroughly enjoyed Tom's book. He has an easy style. There is much to learn by reading this book and not just about fishing. It's about following a dream.It's about working hard. It's about learning along the way and then unselfishly offering to others what took him years to learn. Good stuff."

Capt. Ron Ladga- F/V Coyote:
"I opened the cover and started reading standing at the kitchen counter before I knew it I was on Page 57!!  Great Job!"

Capt. Mike Cioffi- Western Sound Charters:
"The book was great!!"

Capt. Derek Grattan- Mate F/V Fishy Business:
"Finished the book.  Great job.  Best fishing book I've ever read."

Capt. Al Giglio- F/V
Ginger Al:
"What a fantastic book...I can't stop reading it.  I'm not much of a reader, but this book has something for everyone. Great writing."

Capt. Ron Leonardi-Former Pres. Freeport Tuna Club:
"I'm enjoying every word.  Very well done."

Capt. Jim Krug- F/V Persuader:
"I just finished reading the book for the second time, and it's packed with great information, and written with incredible style." 

                                                              Welcome to                                                                                                                             

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Grand Slam Montauk Press Presents: 

Bass Buff
A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide

Captain Tom Mikoleski

of the
Montauk Charter Boat Grand Slam

***Capt. Tom and Grand Slam Charters***
will be featured on the Outdoor Channel's

Penn's Big Water Adventures
March 21, 2:30 pm, 22-9:30 am, and 23-6:00 am


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 "Bass Buff" has been touted 
in the East End  newspaper The Independent

Click here to read the full article: Obsessed...With Bass

Here is a portion of the article: 
By Kitty Merrill 

In Bass Buff, A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide, Captain Tom Mikoleski welcomes you into his office, his life, and his decades-long
striped bass fascination with an infectious enthusiasm that has the reader itching to get her hands on a rod and reel and head out on the water.  
With a captivating and simple style Mikoleski offers a read  that's part  autobiography, part history, part biology, part environment and conservation, part how to and part photo essay.  That's a lot of parts, but each one is designed to hold the attention of the ardent angler...

Another good review from a great writer and fisherman:

A Good Read from the Rips.
by John Skinner

I'm a surfcaster, but I credit bass fishing the East End rips from boats decades ago with teaching me a lot about striped bass fishing that I was able to exploit for surfcasting, especially in areas with significant current. When legendary boat captains such as John DeMaio and Bob Storc wrote books – I bought them and squeezed out any information I could. A new book is now sitting on my desk from another Montauk Captain, Tom Mikoleski. If the name sounds familiar, it's probably because you've read some of the hundreds of articles he's had published in fishing magazines over the years. His new book, Bass Buff – A Striper Fishing Obsession Guide, is a no-brainer must-have for any boat angler, but should also be added to the fishing libraries of surf and kayak anglers as well. Tom has many years of experience as a full-time Montauk charter captain. His book benefits from both his fine writing skills and the immense body of knowledge he has accumulated in his years of days and nights in the rips.
The weapons of choice of big bass hunters are all covered in great detail, including fishing with eels, bucktails, bunker, and the strategies used to consistently entice the largest stripers with these offerings in a variety of conditions. He also has the necessary nuts and bolts chapters that cover gear and rigging. The opening chapters of the book that take the reader along on the author's journey to becoming a charter captain are also a very nice read. 

Bass Buff
now available at these area Tackle Shops:

Montauk, NY
Gone Fishing Marina
Paulie's Tackle of Montauk
Montauk Marine Basin

Hampton Bays, NY
East End Bait and Tackle
White Water Outfitters

Southold, NY
Wego Bait and Tackle

Rocky Point, NY
Rocky Point Fishing Stop

Smithtown, NY
Suffolk Sportsman

Northport Harbor
Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle

Old Saybrook, Ct
Rivers End Tackle

Capt. Tom Mikoleski has fished on New York waters for over 35-years.  Captain Tom received his first captain's license in 1993.  In 2006 he personally oversaw the construction of his present vessel, a 35' T-Jason custom Downeaster, that was built to specifically target striped bass. This vessel, Grand Slam, is now a highly regarded Montauk, NY charter boat.  
         Captain Tom has been an Outdoor Writer since the 80's, and has had more than one hundred of his articles published in various Outdoor Magazines such as The Fisherman, On The Water, and Sport Fishing Magazines.

Here's what famed outdoor writer, author, and
Phd  William A. Muller "Doc" has to say:

"Captain Tom Mikoleski of Grand Slam Charters has written a striped bass book unlike any other I’ve read. It is a no-nonsense honest look at boat fishing techniques used to catch striped bass. Fortunately for us, it’s organized in such a way that the reader can find and absorb each technique and then easily cross reference the technique to the “gear” chapters, thus understanding at a glance why each tackle set up is best for a given approach.

      Tom is a patient and thorough captain, and whether the quarry is striped bass, fluke, or bottom fish he works very hard to provide fun and productive trips for his customers.  He applied that same ethic to this book. Functioning as the editor of the project I was impressed by how eagerly and openly he embraced suggestions. With each editing and rewriting cycle, he applied himself with skill and determination to get the book to a high level of both content and readability.

       Tom is an extremely skilled angler who appreciates that he wasn’t born with a rod and reel in his hand, and that his journey from beginner to pro was an exciting and prolonged learning curve. As he wrangles with the nitty-gritty of explaining gear and technique in this book, it is clear that he understands the needs of an angler who may have never used a given approach or type of gear. His energy and excitement about fishing for striped bass; the most storied species of inshore fish along the east coast, his respect for the fish bubbles clearly through the writing. We are treated in the early chapters of the book to the framework of this journey from novice, to his first trips with Captain Bob Rocchetta many years ago, to venturing out on his own as a captain. These chapters that explore his personal pilgrimage to becoming a charter boat captain are very compelling reading that I believe every angler can enjoy and identify with.

      The book is punctuated with wonderful photographs too, that Tom and his brother Pete have accumulated over the years, and they add tremendous interest to the book.

It’s been a privilege to be part of this multi-year project, and I know anglers will not only enjoy reading it, but also learn a lot of practical information that can be directly applied to their own fishing.

        If you’re a striped bass fisherman, you owe it to yourself to explore Captain Tom’s approach to the sport and the specific skills he uses to catch lots of stripers for his charters as he introduces a host of anglers to the sportsmanship of angling for striped bass."

Home Page

What's in the book?

A person is very lucky if they love their job.  I’m pleased to say, I’m a very lucky person because I run the Montauk charter boat Grand Slam.  I love fishing for all types of gamefish, but my true obsession lies in striper fishing.

    Part l makes it clear why striped bass are such an obsession to me.  Be careful reading these pages because you might see a little bit of me, in you. This section also contains the up to date biology and history of the striped bass. I’m confident some interesting facts and tid bits about the striped bass will be discovered.

    Part ll gives precise instructions on how to become a better striped bass fisherman.  This section reveals many of the  secrets that have made me a successful striper fisherman. If you follow the tips outlined here, I'm positive you will catch more and bigger striped bass than ever before.  

-Captain Tom Mikoleski

Chapter Topics Include:

The History of the Striped Bass
The Stripers Return
Tools of the Trade
Knots, Rigs, and Terminal Tackle
Drifting Eels
Fishing Bucktails
Bunker Dunking
Clam Chumming
Trolling Wire Line
Casting and Jigging
Night Fishing
Catch and Release
and much, much more...

  Page 98-"Bass Buff"


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